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Fertility Doula

Information and emotional support for people trying to conceive.

Planning to have a child soon and don't want to just "wing-it" on when to try?

Do you have a physical block, such as a reproductive health condition,

Or a metaphysical block, such as a feeling of worthiness or difficult relationships, making it difficult to become pregnant?

Have you been told you have to have at least a year of trying before further action will be taken with your healthcare provider?

I understand you and you're in the right place!

Why hire a fertility doula?


coming soon...


Included Services...

Total investment $400-$450

 Three months long of fertility support

  • initial 90 minute intake session

  • two 60 minute sessions

  • bi-weekly email check-ins

  • lending library of books

  • space holding

  • learn how to track your cycle

  • holistic mind, body, spirit approach

  • nutritional support

  • movement/exercise specific to your cycle timing

  • meditative and energy work

  • guide on informed medical options

  • goals and next steps

  • professional references

  • online or in-person

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