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Holistic Doula Support

For people who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant, or postpartum



Whether a doula is hands on with massage, supporting pain and relaxation techniques for birthers or helping a newly postpartum mom to the bathroom or holding the baby while the parent(s) rest, your doula is your second set of comforting hands.



A safe space for clients to process and release all kinds of thoughts, fears, concerns, wishes, celebrations, and experiences with intent listening, reassurance, encouragement, or reframing. Your voice matters!



From anecdotal experiences, current evidence based info, community resources, explanation of medical procedures, keeping the partner aware and in-tune with the birther, teaching and offering techniques, and resource sharing like books, documentaries, articles and other holistic modalities that may benefit the clients.



Struggling to get pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? A fertility doula can help dial in a woman's cycle to determine if and when she is ovulating so you can bring these findings to your medical provider. This may decrease your time of getting pregnant from over one year to just a few months.

Pregnancy & Birth

Having a non-clinical support person (doula) with you, who is committed to knowing you over several prenatal visits and phone calls, what you value, why you choose the things you choose and your emotional and physical history will help you feel comfortable and empowered in your birthing environment.

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In the days, weeks, months, and up to a year after a baby is born, a postpartum doula offers the extra hands-on practical support and dialogue that families need while adjusting to their new family dynamic with a judge-free companionship.


The Virtual Doula Support service is the perfect solution for expecting parents who want an experienced birth and newborn guide in their pocket but have a tight budget or are outside of the local area.  Alyssa helps you prepare and navigate the unknowns, reduce fear and stress, and provide you with laboring techniques. Unlimited video/phone support during labor and birth, so you can dial your doula whenever you need to.


Schedule a Free Consultation

Finding the right doula for your family is a big decision, so Alyssa offers free consultations to give you the chance to get to know her and decide if she is the right fit. Her free consultation is a 30 minute virtual session, giving you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your needs.

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